The Crew

We are a husband and wife team that fishes, ties flies and has all sorts of misadventures.

Our primary focus for Hackles and Herl Fly Fishing, is providing custom order flies made to our customers specific requests.

We enjoy sharing our tying and fishing adventures via social media outlets, and are always willing to field questions about tying and fishing.

We also enjoy volunteering with various organizations to further the sport.

We are proud members of the Nor-Vise and Semperfli Tying Materials Pro-teams.

  • Brian Davenport

    I've been tying flies since the 1980s. I really enjoy catching fish on flies I've tied myself, as well as knowing others are catching fish on them as well. Flymphs, wet flies and spey flies are my favorite to spin up.

  • Britt Davenport

    I learned to fly fish and then tie shortly thereafter. Brian said I was losing too many for him to keep up so I best learn to tie my own! Been doing both since 2012. I love spinning up trout flies and full dress salmon flies. Knowing someone might catch their fish of a lifetime on a fly I've tied is why I love tying flies for folks!

  • #shittykitty

    Guenhwyvar, or #shittykitty as the online world knows her, is our rescue cat from Helping Hands in Lewiston. She is our #1 quality control check when it comes to all things feather and fur.

  • Mia Mae

    Mia Mae is our newest addition to the crew. We adopted her from Helping Hands in October 2022. She helps #shittykitty with QC but she prefers time out of the shop on the River, watching us fish and chasing butterflies.